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Legendary Performance Racing's "Screamer" Exhaust for the 2014 C7 Corvette

With the new corvette coming to us with so many changes in appearance, as well as performance, we thought we should do the same for it's exhaust. The new body on the corvette took away from it's normally curvy, attractive , flowing body and gave it a more aggressive style. Many hard cuts and angles are now implemented in the car's design to give it a meaner look, and we like it.

Even the tail lights of the car changed from their normal circular or oval design to fit the new body design Chevrolet used for the car. The new design also using hard angles and cuts, paired with vent openings that shared the same look. With all of the changes Chevrolet made to the Corvette they left one thing alone, the exhaust.

While the exhaust tip still holds true to the Corvette name, holding the 4 individual exhaust tips tucked in the center of the rear, it just doesn't fit with the rest of the car. The tips are still circular and contrast the rest of the car's body, which is now a more aggressive and angular look. This was something we instantly noticed when we got the car, and took the final steps to help the car finish it's full transformation into the C7 Stingray.

Legendary Performance Racing lifted the car up and started tearing her down, pulling the rear off to have access to the factory exhaust. We then removed the OEM unit and began the design and plans for the new "Screamer" Axle-Back. 

Along side the new muffler design for our kit, LPR also designed the main point of the new exhaust, the tip. We designed the new exhaust with a "modular" exhaust tip, giving the user an option on the look. Our main "single opening" tip is the base of the exit, but incorporates the ability to add in extra blades to change the look to each customer's choosing. You now have the ability to choose from one single large exit, two exits, or the traditional corvette style with four exit ports. Each "Screamer" Axle-Back comes with the option of choosing the look you want at anytime! No more buying a completely different exhaust or exhaust tips to change your appearance!






- Our design brings the aggressive sound, looks and performance your Corvette should have.

- We use a non restrictive "straight through" muffler design to reduce back pressure and increase the vehicles Horsepower. 

- Made from quality Stainless Steel, along side quality packing material, to help provide ease of mind knowing our products will last. 

- Each system is manufactured here in the US and is also Emissions Legal, passing any inspection the car can be put through. 

- Each order will come will full instructions on installation for the new -2014 Corvette "Screamer" C7 Axle-Back Exhaust System- that makes installation a breeze and without any questions.